Thursday, June 17, 2010

Addin' B&W

I haven't had time to do so much as change thread on the sewing machine of late, so of course I had to buy some fabric when I stumbled across a sale!

From Gorgeous Fabrics; all cotton/lycra blends. I think the zebra print is going to be a jacket (it's twill); the rest will likely be shirts of some sort.

I've been watching for some black and white striped shirting for ever so long; I snagged some when I saw, I'm not sure I'll remember what shirt pattern I had that I *knew* would be killer in a stripe like that...

Hoping to get SOMETHING done in the sewing room tomorrow!!


  1. I *love* zebra print! It'll be a great jacket.

  2. I too particularly love the zebra print.

  3. LOL! I guess I have to make the zebra print up first, then! I'll have to interface it to get it to jacket weight; for all that it's a twill, it's a lightweight and drapey twill so it'll need a bit of beefing up...