Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Handcrafts of Thursday's Children

Back in May, a group of folks from our church, including our senior pastors, went on a trip to meet the Moldovan orphans themselves, visiting two or three orphanages and the girls at Stella's Houses. They visited the orphanage at Cupcui, and the director of the orphanage had set up a room to showcase handcrafts made by the kids there... including some things that had been made by the girls who are now at Stella's House.

(Photo credits to Leisa Nelson)

These amazing handcrafts are made from the materials that they can scrape together...they have no 'handcraft education' budget, and virtually no notions or machines.

But look at what those kids have created. From almost nothing.

What do you suppose they could do with adequate supplies?

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