Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday's Children

posted by Lisa Laree to Sew Random.

I do try hard to keep 'Sew Random' focused on sewing; I use my other blog for discussing issues of personal faith. The Sew Random posts are from a life that is based on faith, but it is more of a foundational background here. However, there are times when what is in the background must be a bit more visible. This is one of those times. If you'll hang with me, you'll see that this really does have something to do with sewing, though...

In typical mixed-up fashion, I had a whole blog series based on the poem Thursday's Child. At the last minute (meaning just as I was writing this post), I decided to Google it and make sure I would quote the poem correctly.

Good thing I did. I had 'Thursday's Child' and 'Wednesday's Child' mixed's 'Wednesday's Child' that's 'full of woe'.

See, I was going to to a series of posts about some kids who have very little joy in their lives...and I was going to do those posts on Thursdays for the next couple of months.

But, you know, 'Thursday's child has far to go' really is a much more positive thing to base a series on than ' full of woe.'

So I'm going to keep the series name as I talk about some kids on the other side of the globe who have so very little, but they are beginning to have some hope. Because they *do* have 'far to go.'

And I'm going to present an opportunity to my bloggy friends to help them just a bit.

I don't have all the details down yet, but I will tell you that it involves stash purging. I'll say more as I get the rest of the plan myself.

But, in the meantime, here's the background story on the orphanage in Cupcui, Moldova:
Moldova Video
(note: the video was made a year or so ago; Stella's House II is open and housing girls; Stella's House III is currently under construction).

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  1. Wow, very powerful video, Lisa. I'll be interested to hear more about your project.