Friday, June 12, 2009

Patterns In...

Since I subscribed to Burda (formerly World of Fashion) Magazine, I've found that my pattern-buying has dropped off significantly. I'm not sure if that's due to the monthly arrival of more patterns than I could sew before the next batch arrives, or due to the fact that I *am* getting much more discretionary in my pattern-buying.

I can't say how many times I've looked at new pattern offerings and realized I already had something in my sizable stash that is pretty close, or could see how to alter up a similar pattern to have the details in the new releases.

Aside from kids' patterns, which I don't catalog because they're outgrown, I've only purchased 8 patterns so far this year.

And I just realized I haven't talked about them on the blog yet. Oh, I AM slipping!

Anyway, the first batch was back in April, at one of Hancock's dollar sales. I actually found a few Simplicity patterns that met my criteria of being sufficiently different from something already in the stash to come home. (Simplicity's site seems to be down at the moment, I'll have to link to the info at Pattern Review...)

Anyway, two of them were popular wardrobe patterns, but I'm not expecting to use them for multiple wardrobe items. 2977 is worth a dollar and a place in the cabinet for the gathered surplice tank top/dress. I'll probably make the top first, then, if I like it, I'll make the dress. Same thing with 2938; I like that pleated neckline. I think that will look good under a jacket for choir at some point.

The other Simplicity pattern is 2648. I'm accumulating sheath dress patterns...probably in order to build up my nerve to actually try one. That's one of those garments that I'd rather not fit to a pudgy body, but, well, I think as soon as I can find the time I'm going to give it a go anyway. Cut and fitted well, in the right fabric, it could be a Good Thing. Maybe. And this one has lots of fitting details in it, so I think it'll be a good candidate.

Since I'm also steeling my nerve to make jeans, I decided to try Jalie's stretch jeans pattern, 2908. I like the fact that it also has The Flute Player's size in it...I can, hopefully, make her some custom-fitted jeans for the next school year and not have to do the mall crawl to find something that reasonably fits her two-sizes-different waist and hips. But first, some that will fit my two-sizes-in-the-other-direction different waist and hips....

Since I was ordering that pattern from Pattern Review, I also ordered Jalie's twinset, 2566. I like the narrow banding on the cardigan...narrower than my favorite Kwik Sew twin set pattern. I think the narrow line is a little more, um, youthful? Otherwise, it looks like it will be constructed in just the same way. (and yes, I could've possibly just narrowed the band on the KS cardi...but I hadn't done it YET and ordering more patterns got me free shipping...). I did order one of Jalie's swimsuit patterns, but it turned out to be out of print and no longer available. :( .

The rest were from the most recent stop at Hancock's during a McCalls/Vogue sale. I got another surplice knit dress pattern...McCall's 5752, which humbly calls itself 'The Perfect Knit Dress.'. Um, we'll see about that, but I do like the neckline that is high in the back and v'd in the front. Very flattering on Women of A Certain Age. The other McCall's pattern I picked up is the Palmer/Pletsch's 'The Perfect Jean' (am I seeing a trend here?). Thought I needed a pattern for non-stretch denim, doncha know.

Finally, I did get one Vogue pattern: a Badgley Mischka skirt suit, 1065. I really had to get past the yukky color of the suit on the pattern cover, but it has nice lines and might be a good 'fool the eye into thinking I've got some curves left' outfit. We'll see.

Inspiration galore! Now, back to tracing that B(WOF) vest... ;)


  1. I also love buying patterns, especially when they are on sale. I also tend to buy multiples of a similar style - I do like to compare the different interpretations to decide which to use. But I should get rid of the rejected ones because sometimes I can't remember in the future which one worked well and which one(s) didn't.

    Lois K

  2. I was just thinking the same thing about my pattern buying patterns. I have hundreds. Then, once I discovered indie pattern designers, pattern magazines (BWOF, Ottobre, Britt, FIMI), I lost the desire to add more patterns to the group. I will, however, get a couple of the new fall Simplicity patterns, which is shocking. It's been so long since I've seen a pattern I don't already have in one form or another.

  3. I have a sub to Burda and have several issues of Ottobre Woman, and have only made one thing from all of them! Need to get busy. Have several of the patterns you just bought. Love that Vogue pattern - I might have to get that one. g

  4. Lisa - can I just encourage you to work with the Simplicity sheath dress. It has princess seams so you can work out your fitting issues and end up with a great dress that slims you. And as a truly pudgy girl, can I tell you that you can't beat sewing a great sheath dress to make you feel good about yourself!

  5., maybe I'd better see if I can move that dress up in the queue a bit... ;)