Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Choir Sunday today...

I had other duties today and didn't get to sing in the choir; looks like next week will be a repeat. I *did* dress for choir today, so I suppose I could post a photo, but, well, it 'just don't seem right' to do that.

But I am thinking about NEXT month's colors...white and gold w/blue jeans. Actually, I think the plan is to wear white shirts w/gold accessories, or something like that.

But my summer white shirt wardrobe is pretty skimpy. I did get 3 or 4 pieces of white shirting last year that I haven't cut into yet; maybe I should just declare next week (as in the one that starts a week from today) as 'White Shirt Week' and see if I can at least get one made?

This week is the annual MPact girls camp; I'm workin' Mon-Wed, going to camp Thur-Fri and then doing the Jr High Girls lock-in on Friday night into Saturday morning.

So I don't think I'm gonna get much sewing done. Shoot, I may not get much ANYTHING done....

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