Monday, June 01, 2009

Mantle Ceremony

I guess putting the names on the mantles confused folks a bit; when they were used, the folks praying for them had them on right-side-out, so when they moved them they ended up on the graduates inside-out. But...whatever. It worked.

This is The Artist, with the Pastor he chose to pray over him. Pastor Pat was the youth pastor of our church when we first started attending; The Artist was in the 8th grade. Now Pastor Pat is the College and Career pastor and it was cool to see the mantle passing.

It's going to be odd not to have a kid in that program next year; we've had one in HMC since it started 5 years ago...

Anyway, it's humbling to see something I worked on used in such a significant event.

ETA: The Princess took some photos from the sound booth at the back of the sanctuary; that's all the mantles on the graduates...

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