Monday, June 08, 2009

How 'Bout a Vest?

Maybe a variation on a jacket would be nice...I've been eyeing This Vest Pattern in May's issue of Burda (formerly World of Fashion) magazine...and, hm, maybe a denim vest would be a good thing to use to just put a light layer over t-shirts for choir. It'd, um, cover some issues that a cotton/lycra or rayon/lycra t might not camouflage quite as well as I'd like.

Now, if I make it w/the little cap sleeves, I could wear sleeveless tops under it (sleeveless tops are one of the few no-nos in choir). But...any of my cap sleeve tops might look a little goofy under a cap sleeved vest. And most of my tops have at least cap sleeves, so I *can* wear them in choir.

I'll probably trace the sleeves and decide when I cut it out... ;)


  1. Thanks for reminding me of that vest Lisa...I have a small amount of coral velvet that I wanted to make a jacket of some sort, but was afraid there wouldn't be quite enough...that pattern would be perfect!

  2. That's a cute vest. Maybe you should just make with and one without sleeves. Or make this one with sleeves and find another pattern you've wanted to try and go sleeveless with it. Oh the decisions!

  3. Make's a thought... ;)