Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To the Embroidery

I spent most of yesterday cutting and doing laundry. The low back issues are giving me fits again, so I'd cut until it started to hurt, then take a break, then cut more, then take a break...but I did get all the scarves cut. Somehow, when cutting the interfacing, I miscounted and was one set short, so I'll have to pull out the interfacing and cut another set of pieces before I can finish them all, but I had enough cut that I could interface all the black pieces. That's a long stand at the ironing board (oy, my back! My next major sewing purchase will be a press!), but the black sides are all done and sewn together and ready to hand off to my friend the Embroidery Queen for embellishment. I don't know how long she'll take to do 'em; I'll be surprised if she has 'em for more than a week.

And the internet vendor honored their offer to send me a return label so I could return the appliques that Just Didn't Work. I don't know if I'll get a full refund or not, since the appliques are all removed from their little six-pack bags, but anything will be better than nothing and they'll be out of the house.

And, while I was at it, I traced of Burda WOF 05/09 #103A, with the intention of making it from a turquoise-black-grey-white abstract print poly/lycra jersey knit. It's some of the 1.49/yd stuff I got at Sir's two years ago and I thought it would be a good test fabric...and if it looks good, I can wear it for choir this month!

I'm ready to make some quick wardrobe additions....

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  1. Sounds like you've made some progress - I'm glad that you could at least get the appliques out of the house. Hope your back is feeling better soon!