Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stage Photos

On the last make up day of the school year...The Actor brought home the CD w/the photos from Aida. So I can finally share the costuming photos!

Note: All Photo credits are to Jeff White

First up are the bathing dresses that we began with...first, we altered a maternity jumper, then cut the dresses and linings. But the linings were struck, and the dresses narrowed significantly even beyond the original alterations. We added the side slits so the girls could walk. I altered the patterns and cut all these out, but I did very little sewing on them.

Then, the matte jersey dresses (there are two more that weren't in the photo). The ones that we made, then had to redraft the skirt. I made the brown one and the three in shades of blue, and I applied the trim to the front of Amneris's robe (it was embroidered organza).

These are the chiffon skirts that I hemmed. I can tell that some of the girls didn't get the 'back' of the skirt in the 'back'! You can almost see the cummerbunds I contributed to for the two guards that are standing on the 'floor' level; the girls' arms are exactly in the wrong place! Oh, and check out the silhouettes of guards on either side of the throne; there were a number of scenes that utilized that silhouette look, with different lighting and was very effective.

I cut out all the wedding attendants dresses and made 4 of them; I also did the gold lining on the train, although someone else did the hand stitch finish work on the top and bottom edges. I'm still blown away by the fabulousness of that bridal gown!

And, for Grandma, one of the Actor singing his little heart out in 'Like Father, Like Son'. I didn't make any of his costume...that was one of the 'ministers' costumes, but the costumers (There were 35 listed in the program!) all referred to them as 'Jedi Jackets'.

So...that's this year's labor! Who knows what we'll be doing next year; there's a changing of the guard at the magnet school so about anything could happen....


  1. Gorgeous! Ironic how some of the most difficult costumes had the least "wow" factor. The harem skirts are fabulous - such motion! - even when worn backwards.

  2. The skirts aren't backwards but sideways...if you look close, one or two are longer on one side. That longer bit should've gone over the, um, backside.

    But they were dressing in a huge hurry and in the moment on stage it really wasn't noticeable whether they were on straight or not!

  3. ah - I thought that was the dance. I just love the curvy look with swaying hips.

  4. Wow, those costumnes are amazing! Do you kids go to a special arts school or is this a regular high school?

  5. You did a superb job! The costumes look fabulous!

  6. Mary, it's the city arts/engineering magnet program, which is part of one of the regular city schools. The Actor is actually in the drama program, but since he can sing and dance he's been cast in the chorus of the two musicals they've done since he's been there (and they require some parental volunteer time for the'd rather sew costumes than stump for donations or sell tickets! ;) )