Friday, May 01, 2009

Maybe There's Hope...

The Princess saw the incoming mail pile earlier this week and picked up a sale flyer from a local discount store, pointing at a dress on the front that appeared to be made from two large scarves. "Hey!" she said, "I saw a dress just like this in [I forgot! Burlington?] and I thought, 'I could *so* make that!' I looked at it and it's just two scarves sewn together! The front is sewn along the edge of the scarf and the back is seamed straight down!"

The last time she tried to make something she ended up so frustrated that she declared that she would just buy what she wanted, so I was a little surprised to hear her express an interest in sewing again.

I was more surprised when she came home yesterday and pulled two identical printed silk charmeuse scarves from a Target bag. "Look what I got! I can make the dress!"

Late yesterday evening, she had me help pin drape it so it would be properly fitted. She wanted to start sewing right away, but I still had to put the buttonholes on the Green Silk Tribeca shirt and I wouldn't let her change the thread in my machine until I got that done.

She acquiesced, and went upstairs declaring, 'I'm so excited! That's gonna look so cool!'

Hm. She's starting to Get It. There's hope.

It will need a zipper in the back (which I do not have on hand), so she really can't do much beyond the front seam anyway. ("Um, will you help me with the zipper?").

But I have a pile of cutting out to do, so I suppose the machine will be available over the weekend for her to play with her scarves. I'm crossing my fingers that it works...I don't want to deal with another episode of Frustrated Beginner in Over Her Head.

The plus side is that she kinda pushed me to putting the buttons and buttonholes on the Tribeca shirt, so that's finished now. I'll get a picture when I can.

(If she reads this post she'll be ticked. But I don't think she'll read it...)

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  1. Isn't it exciting when they finally get it? Sara actually cut out a skirt on her own at her apartment without the watchful eye of Mom. I assumed she would not be taking her machines with her to England when they move later this summer, so I told her that I would keep them for her. She got this look of horror on her face and informed me that the machines go with her. That's my girl!!!