Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mantles Done!

I have to say, playing Scrabble while stitching away was a whole different experience...I didn't spend my opponents' turns hoping none of them would use 'my spot'! Maybe I should take a hand sewing project to every Scrabble night...

Anyway, I sewed all the turn openings closed and put tassels on two of them while playing two games; I finished sewing the tassels on the other four after I got home. I was close enough to 'finish' that I had to keep going.

And now, for the first time this year, I do not have a volunteer sewing project due date looming (that could change quickly if the word comes that we will be doing a Dickens production at Christmas, though).

I'm ready to do some wardrobe building!


  1. Those mantles look great! Good for you that you have some time to work on your wardrobe!

  2. They look great.

    Nobody here will play me in Scrabble, so I play on the computer, against the computer. Games go very quickly because the computer doesn't have to take time to "think".

  3. I rarely manage to, persuade anyone to play Scrabble 'round here, too...come to find out, there are a number of ladies at church in similar situations, so once a month we meet and play each other. It's a lot of fun!