Sunday, May 03, 2009

Choir Sundays '09 #17

This month's choir colors: turquoise and black.

My regular fashion photographer being out of town on a business trip, The Princess pinch hit. And took a photo while waving the camera over her head at an odd angle. I did get her to take another with a more conventional angle, but she still insisted that 'overhead' shot would be more flattering. This one was actually the better of the two...and two is all we got before the battery died again for the moment (gotta get those batteries changed!) I will say the wear wrinkles in the pants don't show *quite* so much from this angle, maybe? We took the picture after lunch, which was after church...

Can you tell I'm telling her to straighten the camera?

Anyway, it's the black poly/rayon crepe Textile Studio Florence Jacket, my black cotton/lycra sateen La Fred's Daphne Pants and the new, hot-off-the-machines turquoise silk charmeuse Loes Hinse's City Dress (Modified for top). I actually used the matte side of the charmeuse for the blouse. The shiny side was pretty, but it looked a little lingerie-ish to me so I went with the matte. And I used bias strips to bind the neckline and the armholes. I forgot to trim the seam allowances off of said edges, and I think the shoulder/underarm area would fit a little better if I had remembered, but since it will be worn under a jacket 98% of the time it's ok.

Today we're celebrating the church's 10th anniversary; John Bevere was our guest speaker this morning with an amazing word on 'Honor' (I sat in all three services); tonight we're having a celebration; Master's Commission will be doing some things, the choir will sing (black tops w/jeans tonight...I probably won't try to get a photo of that, give how the above photo turned out), and we'll have a praise set from Lindal Cooley.

It'll be live on the 'net...drop by if you're not doing anything at 6 PM central time... (I'm predicting we'll still be going at 9... ;))

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  1. I like the photo! A little off-beat, but fun. I love this top and the new green one on you - you look great in the clear bright colors.