Friday, January 16, 2009

Whaddya do w/ BWOF?

One of the reasons I hesitated so long about subscribing to Burda World of Fashion was the whole storage on earth can you keep track of the cool patterns and the tracings and the magazines and...

I hit upon a solution that should work for me for at least the rest of this year, and I've told myself that, unless I sew a *lot* more BWOF patterns this year than I did last year (um, that would be 1 pattern sewn last year...but it gets lots of compliments...), I can't reup for year three. So this might be sufficient for a while.

Anyway, My Sweet Baboo has been bringing home some boxes for miscellaneous storage; I believe they're the boxes for the copier/printer paper they use at work. Turns out those boxes are just right for filing BWOF magazines. (I'm not going to worry about a lid; if I put a lid on it, I'll forget about them...).

I pulled all the pattern inserts from the magazines, put the patterns (and the rare tracing of patterns) in Zip-Lok bags, one for each issue, labeled the bag w/the issue date, and filed the bags in order behind the magazines.

Unless I become a lifelong subscriber, this should work!

How do other folks handle this?


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I do something similar. I put the pattern inserst in a manila envelope labeled with the magazine information. I started copying the 2 page layout of the designs in the magazine and putting them in a binder so I could easily peruse them when looking for a pattern, but I am behind in that and need to get my system current. Those compter paper boxes are great for storing stuff. I use one for all my cross stitch leaflets (another hobby that demands my attention!) HTH...Mary

  2. Great idea! Thanks! I just signed up for my first subscription to BWOF, and I am going to try to be organized from the start! (Ha ha - we'll see how well that goes...)

  3. Oh, Mary, I like the idea of copying the 'in this issue' pages...and maybe the tech drawings, too. Hm, something else to put on the schedule. ;)

  4. I keep my BWOFs in the wide magazine holders, each holds a full year. I copy the "At a Glance" pages from each issue and file them in my BWOF binder. That way, when I'm looking for a pattern with a particular feature (say, kimono sleeves), I can look through all the line drawings without the distraction of color photography.

    I have another binder for the traced out patterns: I fold each pattern small enough to fit into a plastic sleeve, and insert the pieces into the sleeve so that the pattern ID shows on both sides (makes it easier to ID patterns as you flip through). TNTs then get traced onto oak tag.

  5. I need to do what the others do with the "At A Glance" pages and photocopy them. The magazines are on a shelf with the other pattern magazines, but I put the traced patterns in ziplock bags and whatever piece is facing out I try to note what the pattern is, such as "pajamas" or whatever color/fabric I made it in to remember. I always label each pattern piece, but when it says, "BWOF 11/08 #116", I still have no idea what is without the extra labelling. Given that I rarely make the same pattern twice, it isn't a big deal, but when I do, I need to know what the patterns are!

  6. I actually use those copy paper boxes to store all my patterns. I have marked sections for jackets, skirts, tops and blouses, wardrobe patterns, etc. I also use copy paper boxes to store my fabric stash. I have covered all the boxes with a pretty rose-patterned gift wrap paper. Each box contains the same type of material. For example, I have a box for lining material (okay I actually have two boxes full of lining material but a friend at work gave me what is literally a lifetime supply of black lining material and that all went in its own box). I have another box for blouse material, two boxes for suiting material, a box for knits, etc. Each box has a little label on it so I know the contents. I get these copy paper boxes for free at work, and can have as many as I want. They make great storage for so many things, and if they are covered with decorative paper they can be stored out in the open and still look nice.

  7. Hi Lisa
    I do similar to Sewfast and put pattern tracings in A4 size manilla envelopes (less creases). I then put the date/page no etc on the top right corner and draw a quick picture of the garment on the envelope (just reeeeeaaaly basic ). If I was more organised I would make a file like the others for the at a glance, but for me part of the fun is going back through all my back issues to look for something- I usually end up seeing lots of other projects I want to do at the same time! I was storing my BWOF in plastic tubs (at $18+ a pop here in OZ I dont want to risk any bugs/dust from my old house), however at the moment we are renting in a new place and I have several shelves in the spare room to stack them - though they seem much less organised now!

  8. I sew pockets than can hold the magazine, the pattern sheets and the traced patterns. Lori has a picture of it on the Sew Forth Now blog: