Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Period Costumes: The Frontier Pastor

One of our pastors at church is reactivating in The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (I'm not even going to try to explain it; click on the link if you're curious!). He's decided that he wants his character to be a pastor from that time period. He's procured a goodly amount of black linen (he'll be wearing it at the same annual camp out for which I made the pirate costumes, so comfort is still a concern), and I've gone to my accumulation of period costumes and found that Butterick 3072 is pretty close to what he has in mind (we watched chapter 11 from The Patriot several times to see the details on the pastor's attire...). However, he wants 2 outfits by the end of February, so I'm making the fancy one and he's making the regular one. So, I schlepped my cutting and tracing stuff to church so we could work on cutting it and discovered that Dear Pastor Person is a size 52, while the Butterick pattern only goes up to a 48. So instead of a quick trace off, I'm actually grading up a couple of sizes.

Um, I didn't make it to cutting today....maybe tomorrow... ;)

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