Sunday, January 25, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #4

This Month's Colors: Royal Blue and Black

Wow, the year is only 4 weeks old and already we're into repeats....

Seriously, this top caused me enough anguish when I was making it that I want to squeeze all the wearing out of it I can! It still garners compliments, despite the fact that I made every boo-boo imaginable except cutting into it w/the serger knives. Fortunately, someone would have to be really, really well acquainted with the original pattern to know it wasn't done right ;)
Anyway, the top is Sewing Workshop's Chopin Blouse made from silk duppioni from Textile Fabrics '07 Big Summer Sale, and it has me coveting more silk duppioni shirts, just because it's heavenly to wear. ;)

The pants are the latest iteration of La Fred Daphne Pants, made from a scrumptious cotton/lycra sateen from Gorgeous Fabrics. Not a perfect fit yet, but the closest thing I have to skinny leg pants.

I've got one completed project to show for my week off the 'net; hopefully I'll get the review and some photos posted tomorrow!

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  1. Oh that blouse is fabulous!! I have some lavender dupioni that is "aging" in my stash. Seeing your blouse makes me want to get it out and do something wonderful with it!