Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Changing the Photo Plan -- Maybe

I learned something today...

I've always wondered where the pictures that were uploaded to Blogger went. Guess what? A Picasa account gets created for the Blogger account and any uploaded photos go to Picasa albums.

Basically, all that I needed to do was create a user name for that account and...lookie, there are my pictures! Accessible to Pattern Review and everything!

Okiedokie, then. If I switch to Picasa, I won't have to upload photos twice and there should be no repeat of any unexpected looks like Picasa allows photos to be public but not searchable.

Much better. Except...

There's pretty much only one size available for viewing. Flikr allows the photos to be viewed in a larger format. This is going to take some thought.

Oh, well, I've got until I upload the first review photo to make up my mind.

Meantime, I've got some housecleaning to do on Picasa. There are several photos that were uploaded, then I lost the link while writing the post so I had to upload them again. I need to delete the duplicates. ;)


  1. Lisa, to add to the "think pot", consider downloading the Picasa desktop photo software. Once you do, you'll see a button that allows you to automatically upload a photo to a Blogspot post. I haven't mastered it completely, but I have used it a couple of times and am definately liking it!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for posting about the Picasa relationship. You just made blogging 10 times easier!

  3. I was planning on uploading pictures from Picasa once I get brave enough to start submitting reviews to PatternReview. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts of the process and the results once you use Picasa to upload a picture.