Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tux Shirt: Good Enough

She hadn't combed her hair yet this morning...and when I suggested it to her, she shrugged and said not to worry about it. So. THAT attitude will so change in a year or two!
This really is just a form of costuming; once I got my brain around that things went faster.

It's not wonderful; the armsceye was cut so low on the original shirt that I couldn't do much about the fullness under her arms. But the shoulders are higher -- I took about 2 1/2" out of the shoulder width -- and the sleeves are a much better length at 1 1/2" shorter. I was stressing over the hem; for some reason the back was about 1/2" longer than the front at the sideseam. My first thought was to whack it off and hem it, then I thought, hey, it'll only be worn tucked into pants anyway, why not just serge it?

But she tried it on this morning and tucked it all in with no I'm calling it 'done' and moving on to the black pants...

And we will not have to worry about her shirt tail coming untucked. ;)


  1. Remember that most men's dress shirts tails are longer in the back than the front for that very reason--so they don't come untucked! Looks like it'll work!

    My daughter had to wear a tux shirt for choir in junior high tucked into a skirt with requisite cumberbund and bowtie. We had to trade out the shirt midyear 'cause she grew so much! (School owned all the pieces back then!)

    Looking forward to seeing the new slacks.

  2. Oh, this isn't a case of the back scooping down farther...somehow I had the shirt laid wrong on the cutting table when I was whacking it down so now the back is longer than the front at the side seam...there's a rather unsightly jog there. So I was going to trim some of the excess shirt off and even it up.'s tucked in, why bother? Costume not couture

    And it did occur to me that this will give her room to grow; hopefully this shirt will work for her next year, too. ;)

  3. Cute kid! Brings back memories of a little sax player I once knew with the same clothing requirements....

    My freshman has a chorus concert and listed on the requirements is that your shirt must be washed! I loved that. They have a strict dress code everyday, but they have to spell out everything!

  4. Gotcha! I must have been skimming too fast before the 3 p.m. appointment today! I hope it works for next year too!

    Love the "costume not couture" statement!

  5. Miriam, I need to give credit where credit is due... 'Costume not Couture' is a quote from Ann Steeves of Gorgeous Things...that was a Word in Due Season to me a while back!

  6. Looks good enough! I have a 10 year old with the same attitude towards hair combing, and her hair looks about the same, except it is shorter. You've been through this a few times already, so I'll trust you that it will get better in a few years.

    Good luck on those pants today!

  7. LOL! Yes, The Princess went through the same stage in middle school...and now frequently is the last one out the door because one teeny lock of hair will not behave precisely the way she wants.

    I'm not sure which is worse... ;)