Thursday, December 04, 2008

Must. Find. Inspiration.

Yesterday was a Very Interrupted Day...and I didn't get a single stitch sewn on the black pants. All I managed was to change the serger thread to black.

Have I mentioned anywhere that the concert is tonight?

So I need to, like, spend all day sewing black pants.

Now, we do have black pants in the closet that are borderline too small and quite Not Liked, so if the effort fails, there is a Plan B; the world will not end.

But the Flute Player will not be happy...



  1. That won't take all day! Promise yourself a reward when you're done and you'll be finished by lunchtime!


  2. I hope you got the pants finished and if you didn't, that the Flute Player wasn't not so happy! At least you got the Tux Shirt altered.

    How was the concert?