Thursday, November 06, 2008

New projects

I've slowly been cutting a few things out amongst the harriedness that has been life this I'm home w/o a car, so I'll surely get something done!

I cut two pairs of black pants out of some beeyoutiful cotton/lycra sateen I got from Gorgeous Fabrics: one for me, and one for The Flute Player, who needs 'em for concert band. I've still got to cut interfacing for the waistband on her pants and lining for the pockets on mine,but otherwise they are ready to sew.

And, I've cut a Weekender bag from some stashed upholstery fabric for a silent auction benefit this Saturday; that's probably going to be at the top of the list for sewing. I'm *hoping* I've got a zipper in the stash that will work for the inside I said, I've no car today.

Unless I swipe the vehicle that The Princess drives and make a quick Hancock's run before she goes to work. Hm. It'd have to be really quick.

Maybe I'd better go dig through that drawer....


  1. Good luck with the Weekender Bag. I've had one cut out for 3 months and still can't face it.
    Hoping yours will give me inspiration!

  2. Oh, it's really not that bad! I had plans to make some for like, two years, and when I finally did 'em I kicked myself for not doing them sooner. I made 5 in a batch for friends...this one will be my 9th in all. And I'm so NOT a bag person...

    Read the reviews on PR and tear into it!