Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's a big day

...it is my Dear Mother-In-Law's birthday; possibly one ending in a '0', but I'm not sure. She rarely, if ever, stops by here, but I'm wishing her a lovely day, just the same!

...it is also the birthday of Sew Random. I've been doing this for three years now! Time flies!

And, here's a cheesy self-portrait in honor of the third event of the day:

Of course, this is the day to stand patiently in line and exercise our right to choose our government. I was voter number 1107 at my local precinct. It was well-organized and simple; the time required from getting in one of the three (alphabetical) lines until I was finished was only about 20 minutes.

So, for anyone in the states who hasn't exercised that right yet...consider carefully the candidates and then vote! And don't forget your sticker... LOL


  1. They didn't give out stickers at my polling place - I think I got gyped! Or there could have just been so many daggone people there - it took me 2 hours to vote! :0

  2. I got the same sticker you got, but mine didn't stay on very well. Several people at work actually lost their's soon after they voted.

  3. Happy Blog-Birthday! Three years! That's something! :)

  4. Mine didn't stay on very well either.