Sunday, September 07, 2008

Choir Sundays '08 #26

This Month's colors: Deep Hot Pink or charcoal grey or black w/blue jeans. The stage has been kind of redesigned; the choir is on new risers (with lights!) in the middle of the stage, with the band split on either side. It's different...

The only thing I'm wearing that I made is the Jacket; it's the McCall's 5191, from printed cotton/lycra sateen. I misread the fabric description when I purchased the fabric from Fabric Mart two years ago; consequently it wasn't what I was expecting (my fault totally). So I changed my mind two or three times before I finally used it as the test for the Palmer/Pletsch jeans jacket. It turned out cuter than I expected, and I was, um, tickled pink (couldn't resist!)that the pink in it is this month's choir pink. I was even more tickled that it was a dead match for that absolutely ancient Lands' End sleelveless mock-t-neck.
Need I even mention the Lee jeans anymore? ;)

Oh, I just noticed that this post starts the second year for Choir Sundays! My first Choir Sundays post was 9-2-07. Hard to believe I've been doing this for a year...even harder to believe that I wore something I made every Sunday I was in choir during the past year! I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did!

And, I guess since I'm in the habit of doing this, I'll keep it up for a while longer, anyway...


  1. Has it been a year? Wow. I think that you've done a tremendous job in being able to wear the things you've made for choir! That's what like 45 to 50 weeks per year average? I know there are some weeks you didn't sing due to programs/vacations/whatever.

  2. You made me curious, so I checked... there are 42 total Choir Sunday posts; so I guess there were only 11 Sundays (gotta add one since this post technically is the first of year 2) in the past year that I didn't post, either because I wasn't in choir or because I was on a blogging break.

    This has been intriguing on more levels than I expected. And we have a new staff person who is doing the color decisions for choir now, so things have changed a bit (like having three choices for the top color). I don't know if we'll be repeating old color designations (We have worn Burgundy in November and Red in December since we started coordinating) or not...