Saturday, May 24, 2008

Workin' It In

I'm learning that I'm a much happier costumer if I can squeeze in a project from my sewing queue once in a while, so last night I did a little project squeezing.

I had to clear off/open out the cutting table anyway to trim the flare from the surcoats (total removal: 12 inches from the hem circumference), so, while it was out, I indulged a whim I'd just had and drafted extensions for the lower portions of Jalie 2682 top to make it into a dress. Then I cut the new pattern from the printed slinky I got on my Mother's Day Weekend trip to Textile Fabrics. THEN I trimmed the surcoats ;).

Since I was planning to sew the surcoats today (preference from Pastor D: clean finish, no binding), I went ahead and thought I'd see how far I could get on my dress. And you know, I got all the way to the edge finishes. Armholes and hem and it's done. So I might squeak that in today before I change the thread on the serger for the surcoat finish.

I don't think it's *quite* as flattering as the Madison Avenue Dress, but that could just be because black is more slimming than the watercolors of the Jalie 'dress'. But it's not bad! I'll post a photo when it's done....

And that table's still out; maybe I'll trace a White Blouse Pattern before I put it away... ;)

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