Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surcoat Surgery

'Surcoat'! That's the word...

Ok, I'm altering two surcoats to be less, um, dress-like, since Pastor D will not be riding horses in the meetings they'll be conducting. These were purchased from an online vendor, and I must admit they're well-made. At first, he just wanted me to take up the side seams so that the flare was eliminated, but I'm afraid that would also take away all the walking ease. Yes, the garments have front and back slits (for riding the horses, you see), but I think they'll be better with a little extra room.

So the 'take up the side seams' has turned into 'open up the side seams and finish them off'.

And the side seams have been stitched conventionally, then serged, then pressed flat and topstitched down.

So the opening of the side seams is a little more of a production than I had anticipated.

But...I have one seam down and three to go.

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  1. Oh, I hear you! I took apart a waistband this morning for client on a pair of pj's. The elastic was serged to the waistband, the waistband was serged to the pants and the whole thing was coverstitched down! All that to remove 2" of elastic. Good luck with the surcoats!