Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Posted by Lisa Laree to Sew Random

I thought I'd post a project that I did when I was on blog hiatus, since I don't have much to talk about on the pirate stuff yet (I did change out all the thread and put new needles in the's that for progress??? But yesterday was a busy day).

About 4 or 5 years ago, I spotted a very nice black and tan jacket on a local department store's sale rack. I needed black-and-tan for choir, so I tried it on. Wonder of wonders, it fit. And it was such a sale...I got the little unlined jacket, PLUS a nearly ankle-length black linen sheath dress for $15. I've worn the jacket quite a bit, but the sheath...not once. The length looked rather dumpy on me, especially with the jacket, and it had a long slit up the back, but there were generous folded-back facings on either side so I thought I'd convert it to a vent. Well, it hung in the closet.

To be honest, I forgot about it.

When cleaning out the winter things, I came across it and decided it was time to fix it. So I took 8" off the length and converted the slit to a vent.

I think I'll wear it now. ;)


  1. Much better! What a great wardrobe piece - I'm sure there are a lot of ways you can wear that dress.

  2. Very nice! Ilike it much better shorter!

  3. Wow! Huge improvement! I bet you'll get lots of wear from the new, shorter version. :)

  4. Good save...looks great at the shorter length. Mary

  5. What a great transformation. The photos tell it all. When trying to decide on the length to hem a skirt, dress or long top, I should take a photo of the two versions and print out to compare....never thought of it....and when standing in front of the mirror moving things up and down, it's hard to fix the picture in your mind about which length looks best.

  6. It looks so much better now! Good idea!