Friday, May 16, 2008


Posted by Lisa Laree to Sew Random

Miss A and I worked on tracing all the pirate costume pieces yesterday; but we were stymied by the breeches in Simplicity 4923. The back crotch was, to be honest, shaped like a clown costume backside. The crotch curve was very shallow, and the crotch seam rose to several inches above the waist. The back waist is then gathered to the waistband, so all the fullness from that long shallow seam would balloon out, creating the fanny shape.

But that would be bone fide clown butt.

Now, the breeches have the double-welt flap in front instead of a fly; they have buttons at the other words, they look pretty authentic everywhere else. But we're wondering about the back shape.

Senior Ranger Commander recently purchased a pair of pants for his costume that he was quite happy with, so we only have to make them for the Deputy Senior Commanders (one of which would be My Sweet Baboo). Anyway, before we cut the pants as described, we called Sr. Commander and asked him to bring in his 'good' period breeches so we can see how they were made.

That way, we'll at least be sort of consistent...

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