Monday, May 19, 2008

No Pressure

At least compared to some folks, my costuming efforts are rather low-key.

Oldest DD read the following aloud to me from yesterday's Parade Magazine (Sunday paper insert), from the 'Personality Parade' (Q&A) page:

Q: I love the gorgeous clothes...the..women have worn this season on Dancing With the Stars. Where do they get them?

A: They're made from scratch. 'After Tuesday's eliminations, we spend just 15 minutes with each contestant to design new outfits,' says Randall Christensen, the show's head designer. 'We shop on Wednesday, sew on Thursday, fit on Friday, apply glitter on Saturday, do a final fit on Sunday, and dress the dancers two hours before airtime on Monday.'

Wow. That's pressure!! I wonder how many seamstresses/tailors he has working for him?

Maybe I should fire up the TV and watch at least one episode, just to see the costumes?


  1. Wow! I had no idea they were working under such time constraints. The dresses are beautiful. I wonder what kind of glitter they're talking about.

  2. Holy cow, I had no idea either! I'm curious about glitter too. Do you think he meant hot fix crystal type stuff? You should definitely fire up the tv to see the finale, which should be right away!

  3. So the finale was last night?

    Oh, well... I missed it.