Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving On

There has been a tragedy in my sewing room; I'm hoping that I can resolve it but it's gonna cost me.

Remember the silk Chopin blouse I was working on back when Pippin costuming hit? I put the pieces all back in a corner, out of the way, so I could work on the Pippin stuff...and I decided to pull it out and finish it up whilst I was on the blogging break.

Only...the lower back piece has disappeared. I've looked and looked; cleaned around in the sewing nook (it's about 80% back to organized) and still no back piece. I do have a remnant that *might* be long enough to cut a new one...but I can't find the pattern, either. I could see the fabric getting tangled in something and accidentally taken away, but the pattern? It's GOTTA be here someplace.

Otherwise, it's a trip to Textile Fabrics w/my fingers crossed that they'll still have some of that stripe, and an order to Sewing Workshop for another pattern.

Meantime, the blouse-in-progress has been moved to a zip lok bag and returned to the 'WIP' box. But it hurt.

So I pulled out a couple of things to compensate; the slinky dress was a great boost, so I got brave and I cut into the black and white jacquard check fabric for a peplum jacket; it's McCall's 5529, which looks wonderful on the size 4 model and kinda meh on me, but it's ok. We're in black and white w/jeans for this month in choir, and I thought that would be a nifty thing to wear over a cami or lightweight t. I just have to make sure that the waistband on whatever pants is not ending right at the gathers on the flounce; that doesn't help the look any. I really think the jacket needs to be worn by someone with a skinnier waist in proportion to hips than I've got...at least the gathered version, anyway. But it's not *horrible*...just not *wonderful*. I'll wear it.

I've also cut out the now OOP Hot Patterns Artful Dodger Purity Blouse. That was one of their earlier releases, and it definitely had issues. I tissue fit the blouse and found that I could not even get the armsceye up my arm; I had to trim away close to an inch from the circumference in order to get the blouse ON...which meant I had to add about three inches to the sleeve width. I finally got something I hope will work, and cut it out of some cotton batiste...that's next up.

And some costuming...which I'll talk about tomorrow ;)


  1. Cute jacket - I like how you styled it with the wide belt.

    I do hope you find that fabric/pattern piece - it is so frustrating when things like that "disappear".

  2. Hi Lisa...I think your jacket looks nice, but I know how you feel...some things don't look as good on me as they do in my minds eye. I'm glad you are back posting again...I've missed you! Mary

  3. I hope I find it too! It's not just the pattern piece...it's the whole blessed pattern! All I have are the guide sheets that were pinned to the bulletin board! I have no idea how it could've disappeared...it must've been just packed up wrong or something.