Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Treat

Ok, it was technically the day before Mother's Day, but it applies.

When I posted my lament about the shortage of striped silk, I had a comment from a blog reader who turned out to be a fellow Pattern Review member. And who lives about five miles from my house. And who was planning a Mother's Day treat for herself: a trip up to Nashville and Textile Fabrics on Saturday. And who graciously invited me to tag along. :D

So Saturday turned into a road trip; disappointing only in that the stripe silk was long gone. But I had a great time visiting with Miss M.D., and I got fabric on sale from both Textile Fabrics and Jo-Ann's:

The first four are from TF: the two white pieces are both pima cotton shirting (I'm in desperate need of some nice short-sleeved white blouses); one is a sateen-finish; the other is a slightly heavier twill weave. Gorgeous. The blue is a printed slinky knit; I'm sort of thinking I'll make another Madison Avenue Dress from it; we've got several events coming up all clustered together this summer and some classy little dresses will be Just The Ticket. In that mind, I also bought the last three yards of a black rayon/lycra matte jersey, which will also be a dress once I decide on the pattern. The other two fabrics are both embroidered rayon/linen blends and were 50% off at Jo Ann's. I kind of bought them on spec...we still don't know what colors we'll be wearing after this month for choir and both of those are possibilities. The orange is pink enough that I could wear it without looking like I needed healing prayers; if orange shows up on the list, I'll make a little jacket from it. If it doesn't, I'll make something for DD, who will be ecstatic as orange is her favorite color. The pink *will* show up as a choir color sooner or later, so I'll decide just exactly what I want from that fabric when the time comes.

I got a couple of Burda patterns and an on-sale girl's Simplicity whilst we were at JoAnn's too; I had a list of Simplicity patterns I wanted but not one of them was in the drawers...

But while I was perusing the choices at Textile Fabrics, I happened to catch the eye of another shopper. She looked at me and said, 'Your face is so familiar! I've got to know you from somewhere!' It took just a minute for us to realize we'd seen each other on Pattern was Adrienne, who'd driven up from the Birmingham area with her mom just to check out the 30% off sale at Textile Fabrics. Was that not a HOOT!

But, as I commented to Miss M.D., this is sort of like going to Atlanta, where I typically get all inspired to sew up some lovely fabrics and then have to shelve them so I can sew Easter Costumes; this time, my lovely fabrics are going to have to be sewn kind of around the pirate costumes that need to be done by the first week of June.

Maybe I can at least sneak the white blouses in this month... ;)


  1. Ahh you got both pieces! LOL I will have to get some of that shirting on my next trip!!

  2. I've got a long sleeved blouse that I'd like to make from some of that great white cotton, too; another piece is on my 'next-time' list as well ;)

  3. Now, this sounds like a fruitful road trip! I'm jealous.

  4. Sounds like fun! And how cool is that that you met Adrienne?
    Thanks for the well wishes. It'll be a long long healing process.