Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Posted by Lisa Laree on Sew Random
Yesterday ended up being a 'run around' day; I didn't get much done here on anything. I *did* get a significant hair cut, though, and I'll post a picture as soon as I can. I like it...but it was a bigger change than I expected!

But I'm definitely going to be cutting (or, at the rate I'm going, tracing patterns and cutting) the pirate costumes at church tomorrow and Friday. So much easier when I can push four tables together and have one big surface...

Meantime, I'm progressing slowly on the Purity Blouse. I did a pin-fitting; to my surprise it looks like it's going to work, but I've got to shorten the darts about 1 1/4". This is after I shortened them about 1" when I traced the pattern. Those were really long darts; I can't believe there's too many ladies with that narrow of a space between the bust apexes. 'Nuther one of the 'software drafting' glitches, I suppose. Anyway, I've got some unpickin' and restitchin' to do.

I am, however, making much use of the current issue of Threads. There's a great article by Linda Lee on mitering corners that greatly facilitated the finishing of the tie on the blouse; the mitered corners look much neater than the overlapped folds recommended would look.


  1. Oh! I do the same thing -- take the stuff to church so I can push 3 tables together and have LOTS of room to wander around the table fussing with fabric to get it on grain and then placing pattern pieces just so and FINALLY cutting everything out. But it seems to go so much faster than at home. I think it has to do with the room to wander around the table...!

    I missed you while you were gone. I always enjoy seeing what "Choir Sundays" have been about, knowing that it is all a part of setting a positive worship setting. Glad you are back and sharing.

  2. A big work surface makes things so much easier.
    When are you going to show us the new haircut? ;)