Sunday, May 18, 2008

Choir Sundays 2008 #14

We've officially gone to 'Summer Casual' in choir, even though we've got a week before Memorial Day. From now 'till August (or maybe even September), we'll be wearing 'Jeans And...' for choir.

This month we're wearing 'Jeans w/Black and White'. And folks are starting to have fun with my monthly photographs...

As for me, I wore my Lee jeans w/ the Vogue 2945 top, made from the white-ovals-on-black rayon/lycra jersey I got from Hancock's.

I really need taller shoes w/these jeans; they work good w/my 2" heeled boots, but I don't have any pretty summery shoes w/heels that I could stand to wear for the amount of time we stand in choir. That's on my list...