Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One More Green Top

Over the weekend, amongst finishing up things, setting up stuff and general holiday business, I managed to cut Simplicity 4528 out of the green Tencel/rayon jacquard I got from Vogue Fabrics at the Expo this year. And yes, I got the longer version...which pleased me no end. It should be fairly simple to sew up, once I change the thread from black back to the green/gray combo.

But before I switch, I'm going to finish the edges of the black and black/white fabrics I bought at the expo so I can begin the pre-shrink process. Most I think I'll wash, but the wondrous silk I got from Louise Cutting will be London Shrunk. I think I've changed my mind; instead of making black pants from it, I do believe it will be the perfect fabric for a Little Black Dress...the one I have in mind is Vogue 8319. Not sure if I need the jacket or not, but the LBD is a definite wardrobe deficit...

Also, I think I'll trace and cut Silhouette Patterns Pleated Top from the fabric I got from Peggy at this year's Expo, too. It should make up very, very fast (there's only one pattern piece), and she made me promise not to put it in the stash. I'll whip it up before I change the thread....and yes, I still hope to wear that green tunic for the last green choir Sunday this weekend.

Then...it's purple/lavender for April. I've got possibilities percolating along for that, too...

But I gotta make the last green top before I go there.

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