Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ka - blooey

Have you ever had what you thought would be a small-to-middlin' project blow up in your face and turn into A Nearly Overwhelming Job?

Yesterday, I decided I needed to re-arrange the furniture in the den. It was pretty much where we put it when we moved in 2 years ago and not only was I tired of it, I need to redirect the traffic patterns that are wearing into the carpet. I knew that 'rearranging furniture' really might not be a good idea when I have a deadline for A Clean House, but, well, the inspiration was irresistible.

It started off well enough. I pulled things out, threw away piles of candy wrappers that had somehow accumulated in strange places (of course, no one has any idea of how they got there), vacuumed away stringy cobwebs and generally spiffed things up.

The trouble started when I wanted to move the TV six feet down the wall. We have been cursed, er, gifted with a surround sound system, which means we have ugly speaker wire semi-buried in the carpet all along the baseboards and around the front of the brick hearth. Certain people in the family seem to think TV isn't worth watching unless it's audible in front, beside and behind...oh, sorry, that was teetering on the edge of a rant. Anyway, the speaker wire for the 'behind' speakers had been passed behind two bookcases that flank the fireplace. Now, I had no intention of doing anything besides dusting the bookcases, but in two years the wires had crept down between the bookcases and the brick wall facing and become Wedged. Stuck Tight.

So I had to empty the bookshelves in order to tip the bookcase out slightly so that 14 YO DS could pull the wires through in order to have enough slack in the lines to move the TV to what I'm sure will be a better place than it was.

Then it was time to get ready for church. I'd've cheerfully skipped, but I had four different commitments at church last night, at least two of which were Fail Not jobs.

So, today I have an explosion of books all over the den, speaker wire pulled loose into spaghetti knots and I've no idea if I can return the speakers to any kind of proper acoustic placement. Not that I care that much, but it would be nice not to endure complaining from the folks who live here who do. And the rest of the house hasn't seen the duster or the vacuum or the mop yet. And my company will be here tomorrow afternoon.

Sewing? Not a stitch..although I did decide that I need to make up my blue-black/tan large-houndstooth-cottony-upholstery-fabric acquired back in May into Louise Cutting's Anything but Ordinary jacket ASAP. Choir colors next month are black w/either tan or orange...I think that jacket would work. And it'd be quick...

Back to work.

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  1. Absolutely BTDT! Just do the best you can and keep going!