Sunday, September 30, 2007

Choir Sundays #5

This month's colors: Black and Light Blue
Jacket:Textile Studios Florence Jacket; black poly-rayon crepe.
Tops: Jalie 965 tank-style cami and Simplicity 4076 twist top, both from greyed-blue modal rayon/lycra knit from
Pants: Vogue 7881, black cotton twill from the dollar table at Wal-mart that I am *still* upset over because I only purchased enough for one pair of pants, instead of getting the whole bolt. That fabric would've definitly been worth stashing!

New colors next week....


  1. Great outfit! I love the light blue together with the black!

  2. I have enjoyed your choir outfits. I hope you continue it into October.

    Heather in Nova Scotia

  3. Thanks, ladies! Heather, I'm *planning* to go through the end of the year w/this...we'll see how it goes after that.

    Black and blue was easy for me; I like that blue and have a bunch of it in the wardrobe anyway. October's w/either orange or a little more difficult for me to wear and there's not much in the closet. You'll probably see some repeats.