Saturday, January 06, 2007

*Still* Catching Up

Of course, that could be my Life Motto...

Anyway, we were with family in Indiana for Christmas week...home for 3 days...then gone again. Some Very Dear friends of ours said they wanted to bless the DH and me and gave us three nights in a timeshare unit in Gatlinburg, TN (where's that jaw-dropping graemlin when you need it?). It was a bit harried to do it during the holiday, but it made getting the two younger DKids situated for the week so much easier, since school was not an issue (they go back Monday). So, instead of sewing/organizing/etc last week...I went to the Smokies with my Sweetie. It'd been three years since we'd done any 'go away by ourselves' type of thing, so it was GREATLY appreciated.

That was the first time I'd been to Gatlinburg...I'm not much on touristy-type places, but we spent our days poking around in the Arts and Crafts community just outside of town...that was cool. Unfortunately, it appears that we were a wee bit late...a number of the places were closed until March (Jan 1 - March 1 is apparently the 'off season'....every hotel had a 'VACANCY' sign lit). But we did still see some very neat things. One of our favorites (we actually bought some stuff here) was Alewine Pottery. This was a really big (two buildings) pottery shop, and there were a number of beautiful pieces I would like to have brought home, but we each chose a mug, and we got one of their 'Rebekah Pitchers' (one is pictured in the middle left of their homepage) as a gift for the folks who sent us away. I would've liked to hang around a little longer and watch them work, but the shop was a bit crowded (off season notwithstanding...they were having a sale) so we didn't stay too long.

Since DH is gone (we got into town last night, and he left on a short business trip this morning) I should have more access than normal to the computer; I'll post about sewing-related Christmas gifts tomorrow :D

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