Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Red Shoes!

(They really are dark red; on my monitor, it looks kind of dark fuschia...but then, we're having image problems)

I guess it was November when I decided that I needed red shoes in my wardrobe. I'd always thought of red shoes as, well, sort of frivolous. But a revelation hit me that,if I accessorize right, I could wear them with black, grey, brown, blue, and suddenly what I had thought was a frivolous notion sounded downright practical. So I began looking for red shoes.

But my foot needs a 6 1/2 or 7 WIDE shoe. Tough enough to find in basic black, let alone a funky color like red. And forget anything that has a heel more than 2"...even 2" heels aggravate my back. But I kept looking...and last week, I found the Pretty Good Red Shoes.

Now, these are not exactly what I had in mind; my Perfect Red Shoes would be more the color of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, only without the sparkle, and they would be a little less pointy in the toe, and they would be real leather, not fake. But these Hush Puppies were less than $40 from Zappo's, and they're dressy with a nice low heel. And, believe it or not, they're just a hair big, even though I got the 6 1/2; I'll have to add some toe cushions, I think.

At the least, they're good enough for me to find out if red shoes really are a wardrobe necessity. If I wear these a lot, I won't feel so frivolous spending a little more on shoes that are real leather ;).