Monday, January 08, 2007

Potential Project Overload

Ok, so it's a new year, and, at the moment, there are no 'gotta do its' costuming, choir clothes, or requests outstanding (well, not counting a couple of odd puppets that need some straps hour or hour and a half project).

And I succumbed to the Hot Patterns 3-for-2 sale; waiting on me when we got back from Indiana were:
Classix Nouveau Razor-Sharp Pants,Plain & Simple Princess Shirt and the Denim Diva Classic Bootcut jeans, which has now been discontinued and doesn't have an image available any more. Of course, I am just dying to get started on them...and there's the FSG muslin changes that're still awaiting to be transferred to the pattern...the 'Thank you gifts' that need to be assembled...the pink tweed jacket that I *will* need for choir in about 4 months...

And then there are some projects that haven't even been started, some things I need in the wardrobe...a white shirt, a short sleeved white shirt (ok, I don't *need* that until about May), some leggings for running on chilly mornings (the ubiquitous 'get in shape' resolution, you know), a black rayon/lycra tank/cami...

And that's not even considering the things I just want to make, like the 'In The Trenches' outfit I wanted to make to wear to LAST year's Sewing Expo...I'm determined to make it for this year; the actual, real, nice fabric version of the Cadeau top, the shirts for DH for which I purchased lovely silky cottons from Michael something like 4 years ago, the list goes on and on and on and on...

Just piles of stuff that I want to make, really, and I can't make up my mind where to start. Oh, and the sewing room is a total wreck. Not sure how *that* happened... ;)

First things first: Carry the Christmas decorations upstairs, work on the budget (it must be caught up by the end of the week), THEN choose a project. I'm sorta feeling a pattern tracing anointing coming on today...I don't have to clean the sewing room to do that, and I can try out my new craft table. :D

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  1. You don't need to tell me, I'm already up to me ears, and I keep buying fabric! I'll get this lot under control and it will time to make Easter outfits!