Friday, January 12, 2007

Limping Along

Sometimes the collective reluctance of our family to discard anything that was once useful comes in handy...

The first computer we purchased (11 years ago) died a worthy death well before we moved from the old house. But somehow the carcass of it followed us through the intervening moves, and DH recalled that it had a video card in it. A very old, low-tech, low-resolution but still functioning video card.

So he found the old computer box, pulled the video card and replaced the video card in the current machine.

No more screen hang ups!

Ok, things *look* a little weird, and the resolution leaves something to be desired (can't see the details on the reviews and sites of fellow Sewing Enthusiasts too well, for instance), but I *can* type an email without minimizing and maximizing the screen to refresh it after every couple of keystrokes.

So now we know what the problem was...but DH decided to just order a new CPU anyway, figuring the video card was just the first of the aging components to fail and the rest would soon follow (still don't know what happened to the budget data, but it at least was recoverable...whew). But the new box will take a week or so to get here, so we'll just limp along with the weird look until then...

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