Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Holidays are Over

It almost seems silly for the kids to get two weeks off for Christmas, go to school for one week, then get another day off. Back in the day, in the land far away (can you believe I'm even saying that...), when we returned to school after Christmas, that was it...until Easter. Good Friday and the following Monday were even labeled 'Long Haul Break' on our school lunch menu. The Long Haul is Long Gone; every month of the school calendar has at least one day off now.

But that first week back after Christmas has a kind of surreal quality...the upcoming three-day-weekend keeps everyone from shifting completely back into gear again. But, now that it's yesterday, and the next day off isn't for another five weeks, I think maybe we can try to pull the routine back. Ok, let me rephrase that...we can try to get a routine pulled together. Anyway, I got Absolutely Nothing Productive done over the three-day-weekend. Well, I take that back. I got about 3 patterns traced. And played video games with DS. And took DD to the dentist. So I guess it wasn't completely useless.

But, anyway, it's time to take the nice dreamy music out of the stereo, put on some up beat happy stuff and get to work...where'd I put my Daytimer and that box of 3x5's...

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  1. I think mine get at least one day off every month. In Feb, they have "Day at the Fair" since the FL State Fair is local and we're in an agricultural area with lots of farm kids who participate in the fair. In early March, it's the end of the 9 weeks and finals so they get 1/2 days for finals and then Spring Break 3/19-23. April 6 and 9 are more days off (teacher work days) and then they're out for the summer on May 25. So, nothing for 5 weeks as you're reporting would scare my kids. LOL! Truthfully, though, I look forward to those days too ... when I get to sleep in and not worry about homework getting done.