Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eating Money and Expo Registration

We've eaten a lot of money this week...or, put the money where the mouths are...or some similar thing.

Monday I had a crown prep ($$); Tuesday 10 YO DD got braces put on her teeth so the soon-to-erupt permanent teeth will hopefully have a place to go. $$$ again.

And it's time to register for the Atlanta Expo.

My first pass through the schedule netted me 12 classes that I wanted, including one with a materials fee. After the dental bills, I went back and revamped the whole thing, shaving the list down to 5, with a smaller materials fee for a different class. That'll keep the registration fee below $100. I still have to run the thing past DH, just to make sure I'm not going to inadvertently break the bank...I *think* it'll be ok, so long as I don't spend beaucouldles of money on the vendor floor.

But that's so be around such temptation. Could I really be Very Good and just get the notions I plan to pick up? Will I resist new patterns? And the, I'd better plan on spending a little at the Expo, too...

1 comment:

  1. perhaps we could figure out a way to make money by photocopy-ing it onto fabric (which is what money is made on anyway). maybe adding spray starch or something to make people believe it's real? we should think on this. there are sewing expos coming up that need attending!