Friday, January 19, 2007

Bonus Post: Me, too...the Five Things Tag

When I saw that Danielle from Final Fashion had tagged Mary Beth at The Stitchery, I realized that the game had made the jump to the sewing bloggers...and that sooner or later I'd probably get tagged. The deal is this: If you are tagged, you
1) Post 5 things about yourself that you have never posted
2) Tag 5 people whom you'd like to know more about

Sure enough, Gaylen, who writes G Marie Sews tagged me this morning...

SO, Part the First...hopefully, I haven't already posted any of this stuff:

1) I've fed lions. Really. My uncle was a vet student at Purdue when I was a kid, and part of his college funding plan including working with the animals in the small zoo that was attached to Columbia Park (suddenly that doesn't look right...I hope my memory isn't failing me.) in Lafayette, IN. While he was there, one of the lionesses gave birth to triplets, which were named Tom, Dick and Harry. However, Mama Lioness rejected two of the triplets, so Uncle Ronnie had the task of bottle feeding them for a little while. He brought them out to my Grandparents one weekend and we all got to see (and bottlefeed) the cubs....just a little. Even at the young age of those babies, they were still lions and they still had very sharp teeth and claws. So we fed them VERY CAREFULLY.

2) I am an (inactive) member of the Professional Disc Golf Players Association...number 1818. DH & I actually played in tournaments before we had kids; I usually ended up solidly in the middle of the competition, if there were more than three ladies who showed up to play ;). I like Disc Golf; you can play a whole 18 hole round in an hour and a half or so...if you're having a bad round, it doesn't hurt for so long. However, it's been so long since I played regularly that I need a calculator to keep track of my score...

3) I play the clarinet, and was drum major of our high school marching band my senior year.


5) I am a definite Night's much easier for me to stay up late than it is to get up early. If I had my druthers, I'd stay up until 2 AM or so and then sleep until 9 or 10. Unfortunately, society does not run on those hours. (DH is, of course, a Morning Person who hates to stay up past 9:30 PM. Why does it always happen that way?)

I watched as the tags have hopped around a number of the blogs I read, with a sinking feeling that, by the time it got to me, most of the bloggers I know would have been tagged already. It can't just be any ol''s got to be someone who might actually read this blog. I mean, it wouldn't do much good for me to tag the Superfantastic Manolo, as I doubt he drops by lowly Sew Random. And I can't tag my mother...she doesn't blog.
Hence the immediate response to Gaylen's tag...I'm afraid if I wait until tomorrow, there won't be anyone left!

But, I don't think these folks have been tagged yet...and I *think* most of them check in here from time to, I tag:

Pins and Needles
Gorgeous Things
The Southern Sewa
and Rustybobbin

I *would* tag Jemimabean, but I'm cutting her some slack since she's in the midst of the post-ice-storm apocalypse and there is no electricity in her neck of the woods. (ETA: I just noticed that Shannon tagged Jemimabean already anyway...gee, this is like buying fabric from Emmaonesock's roll ends page...ya gotta be quick....)

I will say that it has been fun reading all the "five things" that others have posted...I'm surprised by how many superb vocalists there are who sew and post (I am not one)...and I've found some new links, too. So this has been a Worthwhile Project. ;)


  1. Lions! You're my hero!

    Good post, Lisa. And smart to tag early, too.

  2. This is sort of like the Carnivale of Couture, only in reverse... ;) (That reminds me...I did find the shirt I wanted to post about when the Divas did the Carnivale on Ritual Cloth...maybe one of these days I'll write it up. Just a *little* late... ;) )

    And I think I was 5 when I met the lions. I do remember it...barely...but I've seen photos so I know I didn't dream it. What I really remember is that those guys had REALLY BIG paws!

  3. It is lovely to learn a little more about all my favourite bloggers... it's also neat to see how it ebbs from one corner of the blogosphere to the other...

    I find the sewing bloggers have come up with some of the most surprising things =)

  4. I think it's cool that you played disc golf!!!
    DH is a serious for fun player. He averages about 2 over to 2 under par on a course here in town, that most players agree is pretty difficult.
    I, on the other hand, couldn't hit the side of a barn if it were to plant itself five feet in front of me. But sometimes he lets me caddy for him. :^)

  5. Kathleen, that's about how I was when we got married! I was so embarrassed to throw a Frisbee that I'd pick it up and carry it to someone rather than throw it...even if they were only 5 feet away. DH, however, had been playing in all kinds of tournaments well before I met him; I kinda had to learn so we could spend time together! I never was a great player, but I got good enough at disc golf that I could have fun. I still like to go play...but I hurt the next day...

    And Hi, Danielle! I didn't know you stopped by here...

  6. Oh Geez Lisa, I'm sorry! I didn't know you tagged me until today. Now I feel terrible. I was not reading anything last week, thanks to the super-triple-secret project from he**.

    But the lion thing is totally cool!

  7. Hey, Ann, don't sweat it. This is just for fun, anyway, and I didn't realize how swamped you were when I picked on you.

    And I'm really, really curious about that Top Secret Project of yours...I hope you can share it with us one of these days.... ;)