Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This month's costuming

This month's Uplink service is Saturday; the costuming assignment for this one is a to make a 6-foot guy into a believable (not realistic) dog. I think we're going to go with black sweats, a pinned on tail (I have a good one that I made, oh, 13 years ago for DS when he was a dog for the fall festival),floppy ear shapes on a stretchy headband and doggy face paint. How we will manage the face paint around the mustache and goatee of the potential dog is going to be interesting...

BTW, I'm the dog catcher; fortunately animal control people in our area have dispensed with fancy uniforms and just wear jeans and tshirts.

But I also woke up this morning feeling a little, um, fluish. Little low grade feverish, little chest congestionish, little achy... Not bad enough to crawl back in bed, but bad enough that I'm nervous about how I'll feel by the weekend. Not to mention the trip to the Atlanta Expo next week. AAArrrgggg....

We'll see what ibuprofen, guifenisen and pseudoephedrine (yeah, I've still got some) can do to keep me functional.

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