Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Patch Happy

So, after a weekend full of inspiring and technically enlightening sewing instruction, what would be the first thing you do upon returning home?

I patched blue jeans.

Actually, I took six pairs of jeans with holey knees with me to Atlanta; I thought, since the HOTEL HAD CABLE! I could open up the inseams prepratory to patching them while we watched the 'Project Runway' finale (not having cable, I've never seen one episode).

Well, we went through all the channels on the tv twice and they didn't have Bravo available. Oh, well. But we chatted the evening away while I ripped open the legs on all these pants, so when I got home they were ready to sew.

Most of them I did Sunday afternoon, but there was one pair that waited till this morning to get finished up. It's a good thing patched jeans are 'in' makes it kind of fun to be creative with a tediously necessary chore! DD would almost rather wear the patched jeans than the intact ones; which is a good thing, since she only has one pair of jeans that aren't patched.

Here's a sample of the 'creative patch job'...the frayed knee was done at Christmas; the other one will fray out to match it after a couple of trips through the laundry.

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