Saturday, March 25, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Boy, that was a quick trip!

To winter and back... Spring sure looks good here ;).

I did get a little bit of sewing-related stuff in; I traced off a Petite Plus pattern for was the Short Sleeve Shell. Based on her measurements, I traced an 18 in the shoulders and a 22 everywhere else, but after the first muslin I had to take the shoulders in about an inch, move the bust dart down and add some to the sleeve width and hips, as well as add some curve at the top back (which meant adding a back seam). You should've seen me slicing the muslin and taping it back together...I was putting my Cynthia Guffey fitting workshop to work, for sure!

After the second iteration, it already looked much better than RTW, but she still had some excess fulness in her back at the armsceye notch, and it was binding in the front. So, I scooped out the back armsceye, adjusted the sleeve, dropped the front bust point some more (I accused her of switching foundation garments on me, but she said she hadn't) and added just a little more ease in the hips. I got all those changes transferred to the pattern, but I ran out of time so it'll either wait on Mom to sew up one more muslin, or I'll do it when I take older DD up for a wedding in May.

I also accompanied my brother and his wife to their weekly Bible study group and met another sewing buddy (Hi, Kbear ;) )

Wouldn't you know, during the trip DD put a hole in the jeans she got for Christmas; those were the last unpatched jeans she had. Good thing there's a Lee outlet right on the Pennyrile Parkway. I bought the only two pairs of 10 Slim jeans I could find.

Now I'll start the next 'to patch' pile.

Saturday Snapshot:
I drove 450 miles. 'Nuff said.

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