Monday, March 13, 2006

Extra Expo Shopping

Now I have another shopping list.

I've taken classes from Cynthia Guffey for 3 years now, and every year I come away with a list of Things to Get...but for some reason I don't get them, and the next year, in class I'm smacking my forehead wondering why I haven't picked it up yet...

1) narrow masking tape. Cynthia uses it for all kinds of stuff, including stitch guides on fabric and cutting guides.

2) Straight stitch throat plate and foot for my New Home. Very basic...and I can't seem to remember to get it. When I'm at the dealer, I also need to remember to get an 'edge joining foot'.

I happened to comment to one of my classmates at the end of our sample making class w/Cynthia that I hoped I could get these feet for my machine, and the Viking rep who was kind of supervising the use of the machines strongly encouraged me to come down to her booth and check out a new Viking. I laughed to my companion that that was one sure way to never get to come to an Expo again...go home with a new sewing machine. (unless I happened to win one in the big giveaway, of course ;) )

But I'm curious...can one even get a top quality, multi-function sewing machine, without all those fancy embroidery stitches that I'd rarely, if ever, use?

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