Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Expo Packing

Some things I don't want to forget:
Fabric Swatches: So I can match those temptations at Vogue, Wool House, Cutting Line and elsewhere to what's already in the stash!

Small stapler: For attaching the samples I will make in Cynthia Guffey's Thursday evening class to the notes and sketches of same.

The Shopping List: Those few items I cannot leave the Expo without...fusible interfacing, tie interfacing and a french curve (mine broke and Hancock's doesn't carry them anymore) from Peggy Sagers; Ergo cutter blades from Martelli.

The Muslin I made for the Friday morning fitting class. After dragging myself around to make it, it'd be the pits if I somehow forgot to pack it!

My Camera...and this year I need to remember to use it.

Ah, we're going to have such fun...sinus headache or no sinus headache... ;)

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