Saturday, March 11, 2006

Expo 06 Report


I have just about hit information overload; I'm not sure I haven't overtaxed my sitting, um, muscles... travel to Atlanta, sit sit sit in classes, then travel back to Alabama (we had a good test of patience getting through Atlanta...let's just say that Friday was NOT a good day to be driving anywhere in the Atlanta metro area) and sit some more in the marriage conference. My tailbone, which I cracked in high school but hasn't bothered me for years, is actually a bit achy.

But it was all worth it! I don't think I had a dud class amongst the lot. I had Louise Cutting, Peggy Sagers, Karen Maslowski and Cynthia Guffey. I bought 5 patterns (4 Silhouettes and 1 Cutting Line), 5 pieces of very nice fabric and my complete 'short list' of notions, plus a couple of others that I happened to find. I missed Linda Lee/The Sewing Workshop, and Threads magazine was MIA as well. But overall, the vendor area covered a larger portion of the exhibit hall than it has the past two years, so it is a thriving show, and I certainly had no trouble finding places to spend money.

I saw Shannon Gifford, Rusty Bobbin, Queendom, and a Pattern Review lurker or two. It's so cool to get face-to-face contact with internet pals!

Now the ladies over at Pattern Review are putting together a PR weekend at Baer Fabrics in Louisville the first of June. If I don't spend anymore money and am a good girl and sew what I bought at the Expo, maybe I can go to Louisville next!


  1. Lisa,

    Did you remember your camera? Did you take any pictures? How about some pics of the fabrics you bought? You know I am always curious about the fabric! *smile*

  2. I took the camera but didn't use it! I forgot that the expo organizers expressly forbid use of photographic devices in the expo hall. I will try to get a photo of my fabric acquistions...or at least a scan of the print...up this week.