Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ain't it cute?

I thought about posting a photo of all my expo fabric; but I think it would just look like a pile of fabric. Mostly solids, the beauty of them is the hand and drape. But I did get a print that I'll post...even though the image of it is pretty poor, too. That moire look is just because of the digitization...in real life it's very smooth..almost slick...and the print is very sharp. I tried several different image manipulations but this is the best I could get it. I've got 2 5/8 yards of it -- it's 58" cotton lycra shirting -- and I'm debating what to make. A blouse? A tiered skirt? Not sure...the fabric just enchanted me. I've got to finish the SWAP before I cut into Expo fabric; maybe by then I'll have a plan. ;)

The other fabrics I purchased were:
1)khaki silk twill from Vogue Fabric. Omigosh, this feels like butter and drapes like a dream. It'll be a drapey skirt; not sure which pattern I'll use yet.
2)Khaki cotton/lycra bottomweight sateen, also from Vogue. The sateen side looks a little too shiny for me; I actually think I'll use the reverse side (a twilled weave) for the right side. I got 5 yards; I'm thinking a straight skirt,a pair of pants and maybe a pair of capris. From May - September our base color for choir will be khaki, which is not one of my more flattering colors. I think I'll be ok so long as I wear the color-of-the-month next to my face. ;)
3)Black cotton/linen suiting from Louise Cutting. Because I can never have enough black fabric (that's what we wear for choir the other 7 months of the year). It feels yummy, too!
4)Teal slinky from Emma Seabrooke. I debated between the teal and the gorgeous purple she had, but I think there's a good chance we'll end up with teal as a color for choir next fall...while I don't think we'll ever wear purple. I'm thinking Sewing Workshop Cityscapes dress; one of SW's patterns that looks like a true dud in the illustrations but actually is quite flattering on a body.

That brings up a slightly different thought... I missed seeing Linda Lee and the SW booth; I know she's trying to take the business in a little different direction as she really wants to try and entice the next generation to sew, but the SW clothes are so funky that I think it hurts not to be at the Expo with the samples. I know I had written off some of the patterns that I now have and love (the Cityscapes among them)...and I have them because I saw them on a body in the Fashion Show at the expo. Some things just don't translate well to drawings. I hope she finds a way to get her garments seen live and in person if she's not going to do the expos. Just my 2 cents worth! ;)


  1. I have that same fabric in my stash. It's for a shirt.

  2. Pretty! I got some nice stuff, but I completely missed those scrumptious ones you got.

  3. Well, Beth, three of those five fabrics were 'Give me the rest of it!'

    I left some khaki cotton/lycra and some teal slinky for someone else. ;)

  4. Lisa ~ you are going to love working with the silk twill. This is one of my top ten fabrics to work with in all weights. I love the stuff! Can't wait to see what yours becomes!