Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Losing my...connections?

Sunday, Worship Leader/Tech Guru person Pastor B gave me one of the connectors for the vest, so I could see what I was working with; the rest were in his office on the other end of the building, so I stopped by the church Monday and picked them up...more than I expected, in a zip lok bag. Came home and put the bag on the table,with the vest, went upstairs and got the one he gave me earlier (which was labled 'BAD') and added it to the bag; a quick count told me I had eight. That's cool; 4 on each side will look nice and balanced. I did some other things and came back to the vest a couple of times to look at the connectors and ruminate about how they should be hooked up, and discovered at one of those times that I had seven connectors, not eight. Weird...did I mismiscount them the first time or did I carry one off unbeknownst to my concious self? An email to Pastor B inquired of him how many he gave me, and I looked around some more yesterday for the possibly missing connector. I also spray painted the blue parts of the vest black...or at least, sort of black. (At least that was something I could do with my face and mouth shot full of Novacaine...talking was out of the question, I couldn't even talk to myself...)

Had a meeting last night at church and I saw Pastor B who said, yes, he had given me 8 connectors. He said he's got several more and if I need another I could just stop by and get one, which I may do today...but that really bugs me now. What did I do with the missing connector? And why don't I remember it? Must be one of those hormonal mental glitches... ;)

I'll probably get another, then turn the missing one back in when/if I find it.

And it was surprisingly difficult to make myself paint the vest...I suspect it's also going to be difficult to slice into the neoprene cover to insert the connectors.

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