Saturday, January 30, 2021

I'm still here...

 It's been a minute, lol.

I'm supposed to have done a summary of last year's sewing and purchases and whatnot and, nope, hasn't happened.  

Because I think I only made, like, two tops last year.  And a bazillion (well, maybe 90? ish?) masks.

I probably should do a little follow up to the mask posts; I've discovered something as they have been washed and worn and washed and worn and washed and worn...

Anything put in for a bendy bit either eventually a) breaks or b) pokes through the binding or c) both.

Most people that I made masks for have left those in the drawers and opted to wear the disposable ones. The ties are not very popular.

But it is interesting that the CDC mask recommendations that are coming out in light of more contagious strands of the 'rona are to wear a mask that is 2 - 3 layers thick (yup, mine are 3 layers) and ties rather than loops over the ears.  So, there's that, lol. I have made a version of the facemask that has elastic ear loops and is somewhat box shaped, so as not to need the bendy bit, but I'm finding that, for whatever reason, it's difficult to be consistent in the sizing.  You'd think if they are all constructed the same they should end up the same but so far that has not been the case.  But I haven't made nearly as many of those so perhaps I just need more practice. They are a bit trickier.

But I have placed the first fabric order of 2021...for some pink knit tops.  I finally came round to acknowledging that blue-based pinks are colors that I wear well so I am looking to make a little capsule wardrobe with some pink mixed with gray.  Nice and soft.  After I replace my favorite gray cardigan that I apparently left hanging in the closet of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at for our 40th anniversary last August.

The last time I wore the cardi...
Not to worry; I have some suitable knit in the stash; I just need to clean off my cutting table and get on it.

I am really feeling the creative itch to sew a bit so hopefully I can unearth myself from the mask making materials that I kind of went overboard collecting and digging out of nicely packed away goods.  And I do have a small Christmas project to blog about so maybe I won't be such a stranger in the coming weeks.

Meantime, if any of you have not stumbled onto this youtube channel before, I'm going to share my latest binge-watch...there may be historical garments in my future, lol.

I have leaned something from the historical costuming rabbit hole I went down...scraps/ remnant yardage is termed 'cabbage'.  I'd never heard that term for it and I think it's hysterical.  
I have way too much cabbage about, lol.


  1. "Anything put in for a bendy bit either eventually a) breaks or b) pokes through the binding or c) both." What I do on my masks is to add a channel at the center top, by adding an extra piece,folded and stitched tiny hem on the short ends, folded in on the long edges to be about 3/8" wide, and a bit longer than the bendy piece. Then I stitch the two long edges down forming a long narrow channel. I take some wire and bend in the two ends so that it isn't sharp, and slide the wire into the channel, and bend it to fit the nose... no sharp pokey bits, and a nice snug fit. Plus, when it is time to wash the mask, it takes only a bit of wiggling to remove the wire, and it is easy to replace afterwards, or should it break, to add a new nose wire

    1. I think the secret is bending the ends in; the plant ties (ie, bread twist ties on a roll) I used didn't poke in my early tries so I thought they were good. Spoiler: they weren't, lol. I've repaired a few of the masks by just opening the binding and bending the ends under. We'll see if that helps... ;-)

  2. I bought a pack of the disposable masks and harvested the "bendies" from those for my own sewn masks. They have the coated ends so even if they do poke out of the channel I sewed, they don't hurt my skin.

    (Nice to see you back!)

    1. Now there's an idea! Hm.... Good to hear from you!

  3. I make masks with adjustable ear loops. They seem to be the most comfortable. I even replace the ear loops on store bought masks for some people. I only make for family now if they are required to wear them.

  4. I made some w/ ear loops; going forward it may be about 50/50 to use up the stash I collected to make masks. Personally, though, I prefer the ones that tie...they seem to stay put better. But it is kind of a hassle to tie them and untie them and tie them and untie I get why folks like the ear loops better.