Sunday, June 10, 2018

Butterick 5925 - slightly modified

This is just a fun top.  It's swingy and comfy and I may make more.  Maybe with cap sleeves, maybe with the ones in the actual envelope.

I need to find some largish scraps that kinda sorta go together and do the color blocking shown on the envelope.

Because I can always use more fun tops.


  1. Nice tee. I had a look at the pattern and it would be nice colour blocked!
    I've not done anything with multiple fabrics for a while but it does look fun.

  2. I’ve got this pattern cut out and getting ready to sew.. did you run into any odd challenges during construction?

    1. I had kind of a bump where the godet hit the seam. I sewed it to the front first, and then had to shave off a bit to get it to match the back. but that's the only thing I could say was an issue. Miter the corners on the pockets before you sew them to anything else.